Interactive Activities

Stay tuned to this website for a list of interactive activities we have planned for our 2017 event!

In the meantime, here are some highlights of the fun activities we organized last year.


Lost Rivers Walk

lostriversLost River Walks encourage understanding of the city as a part of nature rather than apart from it, and to appreciate and cherish our heritage. Lost River Walks aims to create an appreciation of the city’s intimate connection to its water systems by tracing the courses of forgotten streams, by learning about our natural and built heritage and by sharing this information with others.  The walk is 45 minutes in length and starts/ends at the EcoFair.  2:00-2:45pm

Hosted by Toronto Green Community

Electric Car Test Drives

testdrives.jpgIf you have not yet driven an electric car, now is your chance!  Choose from BMW i3, Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf.  11:00am – 4:00pm

Hosted by Plug’n Drive


POP-UP Adventure Playground

EarthDay.pngThe EcoFair is so excited to host a POP-UP Adventure Playground at our event!   Earth Day Canada’s POP-UP Adventure Playgrounds showcase self-directed adventure play using “loose parts” in urban green spaces.  11:00am – 4:00pm

Hosted by Earth Day Canada


Kids Growing City

kids.jpgAt Kids’ Growing City’s table, your kids get to make their own origami paper pots, get their hands dirty while adding soil to their pots, and they will get to sow seeds in the pots to take home. They get to witness the miracle of life by germinating their own seeds and growing their own food.  11:00am – 3:15pm

Hosted by Kids Growing City

Clothing Repairathon

Lengthen the life of your wardrobe by bringing in your clothes that require mending – free repairs provided by Toronto Clothing Repairathon.  Save money and the planet at the time!  11:00am – 3:15pm

Hosted by Toronto Clothing Repairathon

Bugs of the River Bed

streams1.jpgWith the help of a microscope, kids can study benthic macro-invertebrates (or “bugs”) that have been collected from the bottom of a local stream.  Ontario Streams will demonstrate simple tips for identifying the bugs and describe what their presence tells us about the quality of the water that they came from.  11:00am – 3:15pm

Hosted by Ontario Streams

Self Spa and DIY Natural Cleaning Products

anarresLearn how to take care of your body, your home and your planet in less than 5 minutes through Self Spa and DIY Natural Cleaning Products!  Take home what you make! 11:00am – 3:15pm

Hosted by Anarres Natural Health Apothecary


Pioneer Arts and Crafts


Tollkeeper’s Cottage

Join the Tollkeeper’s Cottage as they lead activities in making rag rug coasters, lavender sachets, and thaumatropes.  Don’t know what thaumatropes are?  We’ll give you a hint – it’s a toy!  Visit the EcoFair to find out more and to make your own!  11:00am – 3:15pm

Hosted by The Tollkeeper’s Cottage

Socially Responsible Investing

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Learn about socially responsible investing with our event sponsor, Meridian Credit Union.  11:00am – 3:15pm

Hosted by Meridian Credit Union