Activities at 2022 EcoFair Toronto

Free Geek Accepting E-Waste at EcoFair Toronto

Free Geek

Free Geek Toronto is a technology reuse not-for-profit organization that uses unwanted electronics/computers to increase access to technology, offer employment and training opportunities, and reduce the environmental impact of technology.

Collection of Unwanted Tech! Bring all the computer-related items that are sitting around your place collecting dust and let’s see if we can get reuse out of it.

Free Geek EWaste

Anarres Natural Health Apothecary

ALL AGES! Spa Gifts: Make Salts, Scrubs and Face & Body Masks

Why spend ten times more on stuff made with mystery ingredients and laced with industrial chemicals that contaminate water and persist in our ecosystems? You’ll learn what each natural wholesome ingredient does according to tradition and contemporary knowledge, and how to combine them to meet individual needs. You’ll check out clays, minerals, salts, oils and essential oils and go home with a custom face mask, or a body scrub or a bath salt!


Join Members of TEECC to Play SOLUTIONS

A game of Hope and Action for the Climate 

It’s a race against time to fight climate change. You will work together to reduce global emissions before it’s too late! As you strategically deploy various climate solutions, you will be tested on your knowledge and your ability to prioritize. You will need to think critically about each solution and discuss with your teammates in order to avoid catastrophe.

From time to time TEECC invites guests to share what they are up to at their meetings. They had the pleasure to play “Solutions – The Game” with the game’s inventor. It was lots of fun. Lots of laughter. Lots of, “I didn’t know that.” The game is non-competitive. The version that will be played at the EcoFair is very casual – visitors can join for as long or as short as they like.

More info at:

NOTE: TEECC is not selling the game at the fair, just playing it.

Matteo’s Mobile Bicycle Repair

Bike Workshop image

WORKSHOP: How to Safety Check a Bicycle-Helmet Fit, Defensive Cycling & DIY Bike Tuning

Great for all ages, I will be covering how to safety check a bicycle-helmet fit, defensive cycling, and DIY Bike tuning. I teach this content to all my customers day in and day out so I have lots of practice and am a great teacher. You will most likely learn more about your bicycle than you ever have before 🙂 and be in good company as most cyclists are.

Become a Mixed-Media Artist 

Turn Salvaged Materials into Art with Beverley Daniels
Beverley Daniels

Heaps of brightly-coloured paper and plastic come into our households unbidden every day; why not use that rich colour? Join Toronto artist Beverley Daniels and let your imaginations go wild.

Beverley Daniels

Creative Reuse Toronto

Creative Reuse Toronto Maker Program

Join our all ages activities to create something beautiful!

  • Help make a community wall hanging – learn rug hooking techniques and how to reuse common materials for art, like t-shirt yarn and burlap, that would normally end up in landfill.
  • Create your own take home weaving – learn how to create woven objects with a reusable cardboard loom using scrap yarn, ribbon, and paper.

Wall hangings in photos by textile/mixed media artist Helen Melbourne.