Word cloud with survey answers from the question "What word describes how you feel (or felt) at the end of the event?”. Amazing, right?

The EcoFair Toronto 2021 is coming (HURRAY!!!). Save the dates: November 4-7, 2021. 

The best way for you to know what to expect for this new edition is by knowing what happened in last year’s 2020 edition.

With the theme “Celebrate the start of a green new decade”, EcoFair Toronto 2020 featured sixteen free and exciting 1.5 hour events happening online over four weeks with a huge audience (+950 viewers) and impact in our community. 

Week 1: Carbon Countdown
Week 2: Waste Not
Week 3: Active & Healthy 
Week 4: the Eco-economy 

These events helped inspire individuals to make greener, healthier, and more sustainable decisions in their daily lives. Each week consisted of a webinar, interactive workshop, and a free film screening followed by a discussion.

All the virtual events were recorded, and you can watch them on your YouTube or by clicking here.

Along with the live online events, the EcoFair Toronto 2020 Website invited visitors to participate in four attractions to be enjoyed anytime: EcoTour Maps & Guides for locations across the City, family-friendly Fun & Games and Climate Pledges, and a multi-media Exhibitor Showcase.

The participation of environmental non-profits and eco-businesses in the 2020 EcoFair was unprecedented. 

A total of 76 environmental organizations and eco-businesses participated either as exhibitors (35), as event organizers, or as invited panelists, moderators, and speakers at events (41). 

With the events, online attractions, and exhibitors’ showcasing, the last edition inspired, motivated, and encouraged the participants to have a greener life.

Take a look at some of the amazing comments we received from the viewers:

“It was good to see so many inspiring projects and organizations/people doing good work” 

“Hugely informative, positive, lots of great ideas, first time to participate in a Zoom break out group was great. Lots that I must find out more about, lots to start doing.”

“Hearing well-informed motivated young individuals explore ways to improve future for all of us.”

EcoFair Toronto 2020 was a fantastic virtual event, and we are so excited to see you virtually at the 2021 edition for more content, solutions, engagement, and information about the progress being made for a more sustainable future.

See you soon!