Food at 2022 EcoFair Toronto

ChocoSol Traders

ChocoSol is a business-social enterprise 
transforming theobroma cacao 
-The Food of the Gods- 
into revolutionary and artisanal dark chocolate.

Sausage Party Toronto

We make plant-based versions of your favourite classic comfort foods.

What started as an idea of a hotdog popup during a cross-Canada road trip between two chefs has blossomed into a mission: serve up the best vegan food out there! Sausage Party is proud to be a Toronto based company.

Pudgy Pigeon Kombucha Brew

Authentic, affordable, memorable flavours.

Pudgy Pigeon

Authentic Kombucha made in Toronto, ON. promoting health, wellness and universal connection. Made in small batches with no preservatives.

Pudgy Pigeon Kombucha Brew is committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients local to Ontario where possible. We compost all of our ingredient waste including our cheese cloth. Any other materials used are recycled and we reuse our glass bottles.

Courage Cookies

Pandemic born cookie company, focusing on supporting the community one cookie at a time! We support different causes/organizations within the community. Donating 5% of our overall revenue monthly and holding one 24hr drive monthly where we donate 100% of sales!

Weirded Beardos

We are a group of guys that work, grow, and feed our local community with fresh and exciting culinary creations.

Our team is made up of men who have experienced some form of marginalization and social struggle of all types. We strive to spread positivity and men’s health through our urban gardening and the delicious dishes our meal programs that we create when we are working at The Stop.


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