Games Night


The Lineup...

2021 EcoFair Toronto was packed with a number of exciting lineups, featuring several Eco-Games and fun activities! These games are especially designed to get you thinking about climate actions and solutions in a positive way.

The Games...

Solutions Game
Solutions The Game
Co-hosted by SAM LEVAC-LEVEY (the creator) and EcoFair Exhibitor, DRAWDOWN TORONTO

It’s a race against time to fight climate change. You and your friends must work together to reduce global emissions before it’s too late! As you strategically deploy various climate solutions, you will be tested on your knowledge and your ability to prioritize. You will need to think critically about each solution and discuss with your teammates in order to avoid catastrophe.

Solutions is a discussion-based game that will expose you to almost 100 unique and surprising climate solutions, and get you to think critically and collaboratively about them. 

SOLUTIONS will be played in groups of 4 to 7. Attendees are welcome to sign up with friends, or will be placed into groups, which will also be fun. Play with new friends you haven’t met yet!

We will play using Zoom and the virtual Tabletopia interface – no downloads required.

Time: Friday, Nov 5, 7-9pm

Springbay Studio

iBiome-Oceans invites kids to build their own ecosystems, solve puzzles, earn badges, and learn about nature. They’ll also discover how to reduce their environmental impact along the way.

Springbay Studio is a Canadian educational game company focusing exclusively on environmental education. They have released three educational games on wetlands, oceans, and the polar regions in the past few years. This game session will focus on their oceans game. They have been featured in the Apple iTunes store several times.

iBIOME is for kids aged 7 to 14 years. After an introduction and instructions, kids will play the game independently at their own pace online. Jane Ji, the game designer, will be available to help players if needed. This game is a classroom favourite for teachers and kids alike. Parents and kids are invited to sign up and enjoy some family friendly fun!

Time: Friday, Nov 5, 7-8pm 


Eco-Storytime with Mariko

In a big city like Toronto, it’s easy to live disconnected from the environment that supports us each day. Many of us do not know where our water or energy comes from or where our waste goes. This book answers these questions in a simple & fun way. Looking at maps, readers can get to know specifically how they fit into the larger picture. Once we know where things come from and where things go, we are no longer lost. We are connected and have a foundation upon which to develop a caring relationship with our environment.  

The author/illustrator, Mariko Uda, will present and answer question about her book “Where does it all come from? Where does it all go? Toronto’s water, energy & waste systems”. It is a simple, informative & fun all-ages picture book.

Time: Friday, Nov 5, 8-8:30pm
Trash Trivia

Test your knowledge with Trash Trivia questions from A Greener Future. Did you they have picked up over 2 million pieces of litter with the help of volunteers? 

Questions will be plastic themed. It will be a great chance to learn more about plastic issues and some interesting statistics. Learn fun facts. You may win prizes!

Trash Trivia will be played on Zoom using Kahoot. If you haven’t used Kahoot, no worries, we’ll provide instructions before we start.

Time: Saturday, Nov 6, 4-5pm